Hi All,

I have been away for quite a bit. So what has happened since then.

I have bought some new equipment,

Quadcopter, Pano Pro, Canon G16, Elevated Mast, Laptop, Printer and a whole host of accessories.

The Quadcopter is a Phantom Vision 2 +, of which I have 2, and they are great to use for photography or video. The Pano Pro is a fantastic bit of kit to do Panoramic photographs, and it even does 360degree video. I have not had it long so I will upload something once I have created one.

I will be creating more posts as I go on




Hard Drive Crash

During the Christmas Period, I had a hard drive failure, and it was the drive that had the operating system on it.

Not to much trouble, as I have all the data files on other drives and backed up. Just meant that I had to reinstall all the software.

The biggest nightmare was installing Microsoft software, to do countless upgrades, patches etc.

But all working again, so not much difficulty

New Year

Just before Christmas I decided to go Limited. I think that this is a really big step and hope that I have made the correct decision.

I am currently going through a few things and making sure that I am complying with what is required of me, but here is hoping

London Shard

I went on Wednesday 24th July to the Shard in London, well it was a birthday gift from my lovely wife. We both loved it, so here is what we did.

First, to get to the Shard on the Tube, you get to London Bridge on the Northern Line, well we did. With our pre-booked tickets, we went for a coffee at one of the many coffee shops around the area. Note, that the Shard is opposite Guy’s Hospital, so the coffee shops can get quite busy. There is also a McDonalds, but as they are still quite a lot of building around the area, there are quite a few builders.

Anyway, back to the Shard, you have to go through Airport type security, which is not a bad thing. But the main thing to remember, while you are up in the viewing area on the 68 and 72 floor, there (IS NO FACILITIES (NO TOILETS, or CAFE’s) so make sure you either drink and go to the loo before hand.

The tickets are quite expensive, but pre-book as you can save a bit of money. The cost is easily worth it for the views that you get, and there is no time restrictions when you get up to the viewing platforms.

Before you get in the lift and while up at the viewing platforms there are official photographers taking photographs to purchase when you get back down, please be-aware these will set you back £22.50 each which is quite steep for a 6 x 9 photograph in a mount.

If you have a DSLR, or you can control the flash on your camera, set the flash to as low as it can go, so that you use it for fill in flash as that way you will be able to get the backdrop and your face in the correct light.

All in all a great day.



Bristol’s Gromits

Last night I went to Bristol to see how many different Gromits I could see. There are 80 in total, and with two that have been removed to be repaired as some mindless vandals have damaged them there are only 78.

They are not all in Bristol, as there is 1 in Paddington Station in

London, 1 in Cheddar Gorge and a few around the Bristol Area.

It was a great night, nice and warm, but they are all over Bristol and we met loads of people doing the same, the only thing is my friend Martin had the Gromit unleashed app, and it is not that good, as the locations are not exact.

Swindon Town Gardens

Yesterday, I went to Swindon Town Gardens. Armed with a big bag of monkey nuts for the squirrels, which are very abundant in the Gardens.

They must of been on holiday, as I did not see one, not even a sniff of one. I was throwing the monkey nuts all over the grassy area’s which I have seen them many times in the past, but nothing.

So, of to photograph other things. It is quite amazing that within Swindon there are many different public area’s that are well used, and still extremely well kept.

Town Gardens (1 of 6) Town Gardens (2 of 6) Town Gardens (3 of 6) Town Gardens (4 of 6) Town Gardens (5 of 6) Town Gardens (6 of 6)


Today, Oxford was on the list of places to visit.

So easy to get to, and with the use of the park and ride it was not trouble at all. It only took about 40 mins to get there, and with the park and ride being only £4.40 for the day it was worth it.

There were just loads of tours going on, mainly college or young people visiting Oxford. They are very easy to spot, with their colour caps on.

The weather was extremely hot, and there is just so much to photograph. This time it was the Architecture, and one thing that I just stumbled on was an Antony Gormley statue on top of a building, I have seen the ones in Liverpool on the beach, and they are just so surreal.

Oxford (4 of 4) Oxford (1 of 4) Oxford (2 of 4) Oxford (3 of 4)